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01.01.2021 15:00 (CET)

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Andris Nelsons, Seong-Jin Cho and the Berliner Philharmoniker present Beethoven & Liszt

Korean pianist Seong-Jin Cho joins the Berliner Philharmoniker and Andris Nelsons as soloist in Liszt’s Piano Concerto No.2. This lyrical single-movement work reveals the composer’s brilliant use of thematic variation – the opening melody returns time and again in an endless range of disguises. Framing the concerto are two masterpieces by Beethoven. The “Coriolan” Overture introduces tonight’s concert in dramatic style, reflecting the themes of war, love and tragedy central to Heinrich von Collin’s play about the Roman general Coriolanus. Finally, that iconic four-note opening motif announces Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, a work that travels a path from darkness to light, tragedy to triumph.


Ludwig van Beethoven
“Coriolan” Overture in C minor, op.62

Franz Liszt
Piano Concerto No.2 in A major

Ludwig van Beethoven
Symphony No.5 in C minor, op.67

Andris Nelsons
Seong-Jin Cho
Berliner Philharmoniker

By courtesy of Berliner Philharmoniker / Digital Concert Hall