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26.11.2021 20:00 (CET)

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Anna – Stage of Emotions

Anna Netrebko breaks new ground with the music film “Stage of Emotions”, a radical mix of the sensual essence of opera and contemporary visual storytelling. The film by Italian director Elena Petitti di Roreto is part documentary, part visual interpretation of the powerful themes of opera: love, hope, death, and despair. It captures Anna Netrebko’s portrayals of four of the most famous operatic heroines. But it also shines new light on the star soprano herself, interweaving an insightful interview that reflects on her career, her personal life, and her incomparable ability to personify characters. Filmed in and around the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, the majesty and history of the building, as well as the artistic excellence of the orchestra and its Maestro Riccardo Chailly and the avant-garde vision of the film’s director, help set the stage for Netrebko’s enthralling embodiment of the unfortunate Aida, the lamenting Lisa, the desolate Dido and the inconsolable Isolde.

subtitles: English, German

directed by Elena Petitti di Roreto
Production Company: Rekorder GmbH
© Deutsche Grammophon 2021

special thanks to Teatro Alla Scala

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