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Der Ring des Nibelungen: Die Walküre (Pierre Boulez, Patrice Chéreau)

In 1976 French director Patrice Chéreau’s centenary staging of Wagner’s Ring-Cycle unleashed the greatest scandal in Bayreuth Festival history but, by the end of its last performance in 1980, this epoch-making production was acclaimed with an hour and a half of thunderous applause.

In Das Rheingold, Wotan wears the brocade coat of feudal times while the Rhine seems to be a reservoir with a modern power station, whereas Die Walküre gets a radical re-imaging unprecedented in its psychological penetration. Siegfried was described by Chéreau as “a hero (that) has been created who would actually have had all the attributes of freedom, but nobody remembered to tell him…”. And the closing Götterdämmerung for the director “presents a world in which no values exist any more. The only refuge is in the past”.

Pierre Boulez’ conducting and the excellent cast with Gwyneth Jones (Brünnhilde), Jeannine Altmeyer (Sieglinde), Hanna Schwarz (Fricke), Peter Hofmann (Siegmund), Matti Salminen (Hunding), Donald McIntyre (Wotan), Gabriele Schnaut (Waltraute) and many others also contributed to the legendary status of this production with their musical and dramatic interpretations and performances.

Die Walküre:

Music Director: Pierre Boulez
Director: Patrice Chéreau
Set Design: Richard Peduzzi
Costumes: Jacques Schmidt
Lighting: Manfred Voss
Video Director: Brian Large

Brünnhilde: Gwyneth Jones
Sieglinde: Jeannine Altmeyer
Fricke: Hanna Schwarz
Siegmund: Peter Hofmann
Hunding: Matti Salminen
Wotan: Donald McIntyre
Waltraute: Gabriele Schnaut


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