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19.08.2020 16:00 (CEST)

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Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg (Philippe Jordan, Barrie Kosky) (+Artist Commentary)

The high-point of the 2017 Bayreuth Festival: Barrie Kosky’s “astonishingly entertaining and convincing” (Der Spiegel) new Meistersinger is “a triumph” (Berliner Morgenpost): “a production of enormous insight and great quality … that plumbs the depths of both the opera and its composer” (Opera News). The “exquisite” cast (Die Zeit) is headed by Michael Volle’s “eloquent” Hans Sachs (New York Times). Philippe Jordan’s supple conducting is moulded around Kosky’s staging … and the Bayreuth orchestra and chorus are superb” (The Guardian).

Artist commentary by Philippe Jordan, Barrie Kosky and Michael Volle at the beginning of the stream.

Music Director: Philippe Jordan
Stage Director: Barrie Kosky
Stage Design: Rebecca Ringst
Costumes: Klaus Bruns
Lighting: Franck Evin
Video: Regine Freise
Video Director: Michael Beyer

Hans Sachs (cobbler): Michael Volle
Veit Pogner (goldsmith): Günther Groissböck
Kunz Vogelgesang (furrier): Tansel Akzeybek
Konrad Nachtigal (tinsmith): Armin Kolarczyk
Sixtus Beckmesser (town clerk): Johannes Martin Kränzle
Fritz Kothner (baker): Daniel Schmutzhard
Balthasar Zorn (pewterer): Paul Kaufmann
Ulrich Eisslinger (grocer): Christopher Kaplan
Augustin Moser (tailor): Stefan Heibach
Hermann Ortel (soapmaker): Raimund Nolte
Hans Schwarz (stocking weaver): Andreas Hörl
Hans Foltz (coppersmith): Timo Riihonen
Walther von Stolzing (a young knight from Franconia): Klaus Florian Vogt
David (Sachs’s apprentice): Daniel Behle
Eva (Pogner’s daughter): Anne Schwanewilms


Together with the festival management, the Friends of Bayreuth have set up an emergency fund for artists of the Bayreuth Festival. Artists and performers who are in need as a result of the Corona pandemic are to be supported by this fund. Income generated from the sale of these DG Stage-Bayreuth Festival tickets will also benefit this fund.