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07.05.2021 20:00 (CEST)

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Evgeny Kissin plays Beethoven at Verbier

In this recital filmed at the 2019 Verbier Festival, Evgeny Kissin performs three of Beethoven’s most imposing sonatas: the “Pathétique”, full of drama and turbulence; “The Tempest”, his only sonata in the melancholy key of D minor; and, in marked contrast, the dazzling and symphonic “Waldstein” in C major. The “Eroica” Variations, another large-scale work, open with the bass-line of the theme; this is gradually built up into a full statement (the same theme was later used in the “Eroica” Symphony, hence Op.35’s nickname). Fifteen inventive and virtuosic variations lead to a three-part fugue and the final return of the theme. Kissin rounds off his programme with a smaller-scale set of variations (whose theme became the “Turkish March” in The Ruins of Athens) and two contrasting bagatelles from his Op.33 set. 

Evgeny Kissin will also perform this year throughout Verbier Festival!

Ludwig van Beethoven
Sonata No.8 in C minor, op.13 “Pathétique”
15 Variations and a Fugue in E flat major, op.35 “Eroica”
Sonata No.17 in D minor, op.31 no.2 “The Tempest”
Sonata No.21 in C major, op.53 “Waldstein”
Bagatelle, op.33 no.5
6 Variations on an Original Theme, op.76
Bagatelle, op.33 no.1

Evgeny Kissin piano

filmed on July 24, 2019, during the 26th edition of the Verbier Festival (Switzerland)
© Idéale Audience, 2019

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