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30.09.2020 20:00 (CEST)

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Kit Armstrong performs Byrd & Bull

Kit Armstrong presents a recital at the Meistersaal Berlin, Germany, showcasing works by two great English composers, William Byrd and John Bull. Whilst Byrd and Bull were contemporaries, their styles of composition varied, presenting their works in parallel displays this contrast and will surely serve as an in-depth look into the core of English early music.

Born in 1992 in Los Angeles, Armstrong studied at the Curtis Institute of Music and at the Royal Academy of Music in London. Alfred Brendel, who has guided Armstrong as teacher and mentor since 2005, ascribes to him “an understanding of the great piano works that combines freshness and subtlety, emotion and intellect”.

  • Preludium (From “Parthenia” No. 1), Pavana and Galiardo ‘Sir William Petre’ (From “Parthenia” No. 2)  Byrd, William
  • The Woods so Wild? (From “Fitzwilliam Virginal Book” Band I)  Byrd, William
  • The maiden’s song  Byrd, William
  • Walsingham (From “Fitzwilliam Virginal Book” Band I)  Byrd, William
  • The Bells (From “Fitzwilliam Virginal Book” Band I)  Byrd, William
  • Fantastic Pavan & Fantastic Galliard (From “Musica Britannica” Vol. 19)  Bull, John
  • Melancholy Pavan  Bull, John
  • Les buffons (From “Musica Britannica” Vol. 19)  Bull, John
  • Laet ons met herten reijne (From “Musica Britannica” Vol. 14, 56)  Bull, John
  • Fantasy on a fugue by Sweelinck  Bull, John
  • Fantasia (From “Fitzwilliam Virginal Book” Band I)  Bull, John