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19.03.2021 20:00 (CET)

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Max Richter’s SLEEP

The film follows acclaimed composer and musician Max Richter and his creative partner, artist and BAFTA winning filmmaker Yulia Mahr, as they navigate an ambitious performance of his celebrated 8-hour opus SLEEP at an open-air concert in Los Angeles. Emmy-nominated director Natalie Johns weaves in Mahr’s personal archive and performance footage from Berlin, Sydney, and Paris to create a rich portrait of a shared artistic process, along with contributions that illuminate both the science and story behind the work.

“A unique film about the healing nature of song”
Little White Lies

“Genuinely blissful”

“A spellbinding tapestry of art, therapy and science”
Musanna Ahmed, Total Film

Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

The Sunday Times

The Times

Max Richter's SLEEP

Written and Directed by Natalie Johns
Genre: Ambient/ Documentary
Length: 103 min.

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