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09.04.2021 20:00 (CEST)

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Musical Moment – Andreas Ottensamer & Schumann Quartet play Mendelssohn & Schumann

Filmed in Berlin as part of DG’s Musical Moments series, this concert begins with a selection of Mendelssohn’s Lieder ohne Worte (Songs without words), newly arranged for clarinet and string quintet by Andreas Ottensamer. Principal clarinetist of the Berliner Philharmoniker, Andreas previously arranged seven of the Lieder ohne Worte for clarinet and piano for his DG album Blue Hour. He’s joined here by the Schumann Quartet and double bassist Gunars Upatnieks. In the second half of the programme, the Schumann Quartet performs the last of Schumann’s three Op.41 string quartets – his only works in the genre, they were published in 1843 and dedicated to his friend Mendelssohn.

Felix Mendelssohn, arr. Andreas Ottensamer
Lieder ohne Worte:
Op.19 no.6 (Venetianisches Gondellied – Venetian Boat Song)
Op.30 no.4
Op.30 no.6 (Venetianisches Gondellied – Venetian Boat Song)
Op.53 no.5 (Volkslied – Folk Song)
Op.62 no.6 (Frühlingslied – Spring Song)
Op.67 no.4 (Spinnerlied – Spinner’s Song)
Op.67 no.5
Op.85 no.2
Op.102 no.3 (Kinderstück – Children’s Piece)
Op.102 no.4
Op.102 no.5
Robert Schumann
String Quartet in A major, op.41 no.3
Joseph Lanner
Steyrische Tänze op.165

Andreas Ottensamer, clarinet
Gunars Upatnieks, double bass
Schumann Quartet

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