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08.07.2022 20:00 (CEST)

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The Colours of Schreker with Christoph Eschenbach & Matthias Goerne

Franz Schreker’s works are visceral, elusive, and multi-dimensional, digging deep into the human psyche. Navigating the complexities of human emotion, his ground-breaking methods brought timbre to the forefront, allowing it to be just as important as the melody, harmony, and rhythm. Combining impressionism, expressionism, naturalism, and symbolism, together with all the traditions of the Viennese school, hear the twisting textural lines, a delicate interplay of soaring operatic lyricism and bold instrumental colour brought to life by Christoph Eschenbach and Matthias Goerne at the Konzerthaus in Berlin, the city Schreker called home before his death in 1934.

Franz Schreker
Chamber Symphony
5 Gesänge für tiefe Stimme und Orchester
Valse lente

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