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#1 Registration

  • Where do I go to register?
  • Click on the ‘log in’ button top right next to the Deutsche Grammophon cartouche. Since you do not yet have an account click the alternative option at the bottom of the login page to “register”.
  • Once your registration here is submitted, you will receive a confirmation mail with a link that you must click to activate your account.
  • When you then make a purchase make sure you are already logged in.
  • You can also register at the same time as making your first purchase. In this case you still need to activate your registration via the confirmation mail, otherwise you will not be able to access your purchase in your user profile page.

#1.2. I can’t find the email to activate my registration

  • It may be that your email client has placed our email in your „Spam“ or „Junk Email” folder. Please look there.
  • If it is not there you may have misspelled a letter in your email address while you were registering. You are welcome to contact us to ask, but you can also simply try to create the account, based on the same email address, again. If the system accepts your email address now, it is likely you misspelt your email address the first time. You should now receive the email to activate your account.

#1.3. Must I make a registration before I make a purchase?

  • No, you can set up your registration at the same time as making your first purchase. But you still must activate your account from the special email sent to you by our system, or you will not be able to login to access your purchases in your user profile page.

#1.4. I am unable to complete the registration form

  • Please check that your browser is updated to the latest version. The site is optimized for Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

#2 Purchasing

#2.1. How can I see confirmation that I have purchased successfully?

  • You can find the data about your purchases in your user profile page, along with a link to access the streams when they become active. To access this page, login using the button top right next to the Deutsche Grammophon cartouche. This icon will now turn in to a circular icon of a person as a sign that your login is successful. Now click on this icon and choose the option “User Profile”.

#2.2. Do I receive an invoice for my purchase?

  • Invoices are available on-demand. Please send your contact details, including your invoice address, to our support team and ask for your invoice: Contact form

#2.3. Do I receive a confirmation email after my purchase?

  • No, the confirmation that your purchase was successful is found in your user profile page, where you will see the information about your purchase and the link to the stream.

#2.4. What methods can I use to pay with?

  • We currently offer the use of most major credit cards (via the service Stripe) and Paypal

#2.5. I have made a payment confirmed by Paypal, I am also logged in, but my DG Stage user profile has not been updated with my purchase.

  • please make sure that the email address you use for your PayPal account is the same as you are using for your DG Stage account.We currently offer the use of most major credit cards (via the service Stripe) and Paypal.

#3 Streaming Quality

#3.1. What internet speed do I need for DG Stage? 

  • We recommend your connection is at least a stable 6mbps
  • Please note that where other devices share your connection, they may be making automatic downloads at the same time as you are playing back a video from DG Stage, even if you have not actively engaged them to an action. This may mean that your DG Stage video stream does not receive enough bandwidth for a stable streaming experience.

#3.2. The streaming quality seems to vary and sometimes stutters or even pauses

  • Please see point 3.1 above. If no other devices are sharing your personal bandwidth, please also note that our system begins each session by sending a very low-quality stream while it checks the download capacity of your individual connection. This will look fuzzy on larger screens, but only last a few seconds. Having established the bandwidth of your connection our system then chooses the highest quality variant from multiple qualities that fits your connection.
  • If there is a change for the worse in the internet speed for your device, our system will reduce the streaming quality until it notes a better internet speed returns. If you are streaming your video onto a large screen, the picture may appear fuzzy during this period.
  • It is even possible that while streaming at high quality the internet speed to your device reduces unexpectedly so drastically that our server cannot make the switch to a lower quality quickly enough to maintain a fluid stream. In this case you will experience a stutter or even short pause, while our system makes the switch to temporarily streaming lower quality.

#4 – Opera Subtitles

#4.1. Does DG Stage offer subtitles for opera and other sung performances?

  • No, we regret we currently do not have subtitling. But we agree it is a great feature and have it on our roadmap for the further development of the DG Stage platform.

#5 DG Stage on streaming portals

#5.1. Can I find DG Stage on well-known streaming portals?

  • Currently DG Stage is only available from our website and not within portals such as Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV.

#6 Further Questions?

#6.1. How can I ask further questions?